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4 Responses to Purchase a Copy

  1. kJ says:

    I am chip Jackson’s sister in Auburn. I am working the study on mosaic and getting a book and hopefully we will do a study in 2018. Lynne speaks so highly of you. Jesus shines in your wisdom. Teaching is your gift lady! Thank you for writing this. kJ

  2. kJ Durkin says:

    Multi generational women can benefit from Anne’s wisdom. Most spirit provoking life changing freedom filled progression of tearing down the garbage type study that is opening me to grace and peace Satan has torn down unknowingly for decades. Life changer study. Thank you

  3. anneresler says:

    Thank you for your kind words! I’m thankful that God is using the study to speak to deep places, leading you on a journey of freedom and healing! We should have updated videos loaded on this site the week after Thanksgiving. I would love to have a group of ladies in Auburn go through the study!

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