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New Study!

New Study!

About this study…

We each walk through experiences that can be extremely painful, confusing, and frustrating. There are times when it may be hard to reconcile our faith—when circumstances don’t appear to be “working together for our good!” What do we do with the pain that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem fair; the pain we didn’t ask for? What do we do when life isn’t turning out the way we thought it would? When we’re met with uninvited pain, trauma, loss, or struggle? How do we wrestle with these questions through the framework of Scripture and find a pathway of healing for the deep places in our souls?

Join me as we lean into the stories of the five women named in the lineage of Christ. What do their stories highlight that God would set them apart in such a way? What do their stories tell us about God? Ourselves? Where God’s story intersects with our own? What do their stories represent for us as women?  

These five women cry out to us from the ancient pages of Scripture with a message that will speak to the heart of every woman. Their stories are our stories. 

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